2012 – 2014 / Berlin-Charlottenburg

Major contract participation Volland projects / CMIB 2012-2014

Mommsenstraße 10 / Schlüterstraße 33

Every Berliner knows this prominently located, south-east facing corner house in the heart of Charlottenburg.

In an ownership structure, Andreas Volland has undertaken the planning, project development, and restructuring for this gem of a Gründerzeit estate, situated just a short walk away from Kurfürstendamm.

Apart from the prize-winning restoration of the facade based on historic records, a style-defining roof construction was built which encompasses an impressing steeple-like front.

On about 750 m², three luxury penthouses have been created, granting a 360° view from their sunny roof-top terraces.

Today, the Gründerzeit-ensemble radiates new splendor, and is seen as a clear benchmark in the historic surroundings of Charlottenburg.

Besides twelve further projects within the period of 2012 to 2014, the Volland Projektmanagement GmbH, in an ownership structure with the Swiss CMIB Holding, was assigned to take on the planning, project development, and restructuring of the Berlin portfolio.

The showpiece Mommsenstraße 10 / Schlüterstraße 33 and the estate in Pariser Straße 18 / Sächsische Straße 72 in Berlin-Wilmersdorf certainly represent the most elaborate redesign projects of the whole assignment.

With both projects, our aim was not only to restore the Gründerzeit facade following historic models, but also to redesign the top floors in Mommsenstraße 10 / Schlüterstraße 33, aswell as the approx. 1,000 m² of attic space in Pariser Straße 18 / Sächsische Straße 72, to create a mansion-like ensemble.

The two projects serve as flagships for sustainable work and value-preserving real estate development realised by the Volland Group.


In 2011, the Volland Projektmanagement GmbH, a Volland Group company, took on the assignment for this estate and twelve further projects in an ownership structure with the Swiss CMIB Holding. The goal was to reconstruct the existing building with its 45 housing- and commercial units, and develop it acc. to high quality standards. The redesign of the attic and roof-top areas sets a new benchmark in the field.


CMIB Holding, Switzerland / Participation Volland Projektmanagement GmbH


Mommsenstraße 10 / Schlüterstraße 33, Berlin-Charlottenburg

Existing Area:

approx. 3.600 m² expanded to approx. 4.360 m²


  • Restoration and revitalization of the existing building, partial new construction of the staircases, redesign of the facades in the style of Gründerzeit
  • Redesign of existing flats and structural restoration of the vacant flats
  • PPlanning and obtaining of a building license
  • New construction of the roof-top areas acc. to luxury standards and installation of lifts


2012 – 2014

Location Mommsenstraße 10 / Schlüterstraße 33


Follow the structural progress of the object Mommsenstr. 10 / Schlüterstr. 33 in a 45 second video.

It reflects the period of a year - in addition to a completely new roof structure and a historically renovated facade ...

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