2014 – 2016 / Berlin-Schöneberg

Rosenheimer Straße 29 (Bayerisches Viertel)

The premises in Rosenheimer Straße 29 in Berlin were purchased by the Volland und Voigt Vermögensverwaltungs GmbH, a Volland Group company.

The residential house encompasses 22 units and an area of approx. 2.200 m².

The plan was to redesign the attractive existing estate, and reconstruct the building and areas of collective ownership in the style of Gründerzeit.

The estate was sold in 2016.

Location Rosenheimer Straße 29


Volland und Voigt Vermögensverwaltungs GmbH


Rosenheimer Straße 29, Berlin-Schöneberg


approx. 2.200 m²


  • Creation of two lifts for the front and rear building
  • Restoration of the facades and the staircase
  • SRestoration of the vacant flats
  • DRealization of a separation declaration.


2014 – 2016

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