2014 – 2016 / Berlin-Wilmersdorf

Uhlandstraße 118 and 119

The premises in Uhlandstraße 118 in Berlin were purchased by the Volland Projektmanagement GmbH, a Volland Group company, in 2014.

The residential and commercial building comprises 22 housing units, two commercial units, and an office unit on a total area of 1.438 m².

Our aim was to redesign the existing building, and build a new housing estate with nine high-class flats on the premises of Uhlandstraße 119, adding another 1,100 m² and nine underground parking spaces.

The estate was sold in 2016, including the building licence for the planned measures.

Location Uhlandstraße 118


Volland Projektmanagement GmbH


Uhlandstraße 118 and 119, Berlin-Wilmersdorf


1.438 m² expanded to approx. 2,400 m² and an additional nine underground parking spaces


  • Restoration of the existing building, staircase, facades, and vacant flats
  • Redesign of existing flats
  • New building license obtained for adding balconies to the rear facade
  • DRealization of a separation declaration and declaration of division
  • Development and realisation of a building license for a six-storey rear house with approx. 1,015 m² usable floor space, and an underground parking area for nine cars (future Uhlandstraße 119)


2014 – 2016

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